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Omaha Wedding DJ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a standard event?  Standard gigs are usually 5 hours but we are flexible.  Let us know what you need and we can probably handle it.

Can ceremony music be provided?  Yes.  Depending on times and circumstances ceremony music can be provided for an extra charge even if the event is in the same location. Contact us for details.

Are there any hidden fees?  No. We charge a flat fee for all services provided. We will sometimes charge a small fee to travel outside of the Omaha area but you will know about it upfront and it will be included in the price.

Can we have Karaoke at our Wedding Reception? Absolutely! However, we MUST be informed of this in writing and in advance. We often send the Karaoke rig to other events while JP is performing gig or even sometimes rent it out. Therefore, last minute Karaoke service requests are difficult fulfill.

Can we meet JP before hiring her?  No problem! In fact, we encourage it. JP often meets prospective clients at a local eatery to discuss everything over a cup of coffee. She usually brings along a contract to give the client so they can go home, read everything over and think the decision through before commiting to anything.

How long do you need to set up?   We like to be ready to go well in advance of the start of the event. It usually takes about an hour to set up.

What do you need to perform? Electrical outlets. We like to have at least two 110v outlets, preferably on seperate breakers so that there is ample power to run all of our sound & effects. We also need a table to set up on which will usually be provided by the venue.

Can JP play our favorite song?  Absolutely! If we don't have it, we will get it. Once again, just let me know what you need! We can even play a song off of someone's cell phone, if need be!

Do we get to pick our music?  Absolutely! We encourage consultation with your DJ and JP has an extensive "planner" form that lets you pick as many songs as you like.

How far in advance do we need to book our event?  The more notice we have, the better prepared JP will be. JP is usually 50% booked for the following year by August of the present year. However, last minute gigs can be handled, if the date is open.

Does JP use a contract?  Yes she does. This insures a professional transaction for all parties. You will have plenty of time to review the contract before booking the date.

What types of music does JP play?   JP can play any music genre you want (within reason). Just tell her what you want and I will accomodate you (if possible).

How much does JP charge?  JP's fees vary but her prices are in line with what others in the area charge. Contact Cruisin' Music today for a no obligation customized price quote.